Food Shots: Dishes from Tucancun and Costa Cancun

The stories pile up when you’re on the go in another country – let me backtrack a bit to the food served up at the Barcelo Tucancun and the Costa Cancun.

I’m always stunned by how quickly things fade into the past. Both places seem like distant memories, as if my visits were months or years ago.

When I return to the States I’ll be writing pieces on both hotels, comparing the lagoon and ocean sides of Cancun.

Consider this post your appetizer:

Paella at Tucancun
Paella at Tucancun.
Shrimp at Tucancun.
Pork at Tucancun.
Poultry at Costa Cancun.
Shrimp at Costa Cancun.
Apple strudel at Costa Cancun.

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