Mexico: Blue Crabs on the Run in Cancun

While it is usually sea turtles and their reproductive cycles that are derailed by human development, the blue crabs here in Cancun are literally getting run over.

Lagoon and Caribbean Sea location.

Every year during September and October, especially during a full moon, the crabs emerge from Nichupte Lagoon and make their way to the Caribbean Sea to lay their eggs.

“With thousands of years of experience moving solely on instinct, the crabs are unaware that the area they have to cross has been used by humans to create paved roads. The Hotel Zone runs all along a 13-mile strip that divides the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean from Nichupte Lagoon… Cancun’s Hotel Zone has become an obstacle of epic proportions for these small crabs. During their determined march toward the sea, they’re often crushed along the way.”

For the whole story, check out Cancun’s editorial on the little troopers. I’ve released baby sea turtles in the past, as many resort areas have strict rules about protecting the breeding grounds and invite tourists to get involved.

Are the crabs next?

Photo by MSNBC Photoblog.
Photo by
Photo by
Yours truly in Los Cabos.

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