Barcelo Karmina: No Shortage of Views in Manzanillo

I slept with the sliding door open last night, the sounds of the ocean and the breeze pouring into my room. The ceiling fan kept me cool and the light blankets rested on my skin, my mind indulging on the details instead of letting them pass.

The quarters here are older and quaint – a set of stairs elevate the bed above the living area, which allows you to see the ocean while you’re lounging in bed.

I found out this morning that the plume of smoke coming from the mountains in the distance is actually an industrial factory – bummer. It doesn’t totally ruin the view – it sort of a cool thing to look at – yet the fact that it’s 100% pollution is a litte discouraging.

We’ve all been pretending it’s a volcano (see photos of it here).

My room.

Restaurant/Dance Hall at the Barcelo Karmina Palace in Manzanillo.

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