Manzanillo: Few Cold Ones By the Pool

All right – time is on my side now.

I’ve spent pretty much the whole day in and around the pool – half work, half play.

The beauty of this place relaxes me, as does the sun and the sand, the sky and the happy hour conversation.

I’m heavily inspired this week: My friend has realized his aspirations to write rhymes and mix hip hop. You may not be into the music type, but you cannot escape the passion in an aspiring artist’s voice – one that you know only needs time and a loophole into the limelight.

Cheers buddy – on and upward we go. I’ve had discussions with myself about becoming a great writer, and if nothing else, the move back to the east will put me in position to learn from those that have found success.

My job is to write about destinations and hotels, but this post is not about that. More coverage to come soon.

Hope this weekend finds you well – I’m sitting pretty.


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