Mini Road Trip: Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo

After we left the altar, a group of strangers gave us a standing ovation and asked us to pose for a picture. Then we ran down the beach towards the setting sun, holding hands and kicking up sand – running towards the water and the incoming tide. Later, we were sitting at the bar and a couple came up and offered us a congratulatory handshake.

Obviously I didn’t actually get married here in Puerto Vallarta – we’re shooting a promotional video – but I sure feel like I did. And I’ll be honest: I had an awfully nice time pretending.

Part of me felt bad. People were being so nice (one couple even connected by sharing that our wedding day was on their anniversary) and we were playing around, sucking up the temporary limelight that comes along with a public wedding.

That said, I’d have to be an idiot to overlook that I was standing on an altar on the beach, decked out in comfy white linens and rocking sunglasses, my hands on my hips and a lady in white approaching.

Solid, although ironic: A wandering, restless travel writer standing in the ultimate position of commitment and stability.

Flash forward to today – I’m currently sitting out on the balcony at the Barcelo in Manzanillo (where the shoot will continue). The nine of us took the three-hour drive (I practiced my Spanish with my friend for a lot of it), making sure to take in the ocean views and the lush mountains.

I just had a hell of a sunset and now the light is still lingering. I can see the lights of the hillside across the bay, the sailboats moored and tied up. To the other side I can see the mountains across the water, the red light of a tower occasionally flashing, two weird plumes of smoke rising from behind them. The stars aren’t out yet, but they will shine soon enough. There’s still enough light to see the silhouettes of the palm trees.

We’re having dinner tonight at the Italian restaurant on-site – I’ll let you know how it is. Lots more photos and video to come – I had a rather interesting experience this morning at a Mexican zoo. Follow along on Facebook.

My first adventure to a Mexican zoo (story coming).
My lab for the week.
View from the balcony.

Our dining spot this evening at the Barcelo in Manzanillo.

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