Water, Booze, and Views Flow in the Colonial Hotel

Hope you like the sound of water – if not, you’re going to hate the Barcelo Colonial.

One of the five hotels at the Barcelo Maya, it sits in the middle of the property and has a fantastic layout (see map below). It’s exactly what you’d want from a warm-climate resort: Open-aired lobby and walkways, flowing fountains, bright flowers, green vegetation lining the paths, and well-positioned lobby furniture that allows you to sit and take it in over a drink.

Honestly, I can’t remember a more enticing common area on a recent trip – this place had a “stay a while” vibe. Whether you were in a restaurant, the lobby bar, or on the couch at the end of the path, you enjoyed views of the water and some sort of plant life.

On Friday, we shot video in a few of the restaurants. Upon entering a reception room from the walkways near the lobby, you encounter an area with couches and a bar and one restaurant on either side. It’s an awfully nice set up – really convenient for a pre and post-dinner drink: The hostess stands are right there outside the doors of the restaurants.

Maya Palace Deluxe follows the same community-encouraging layout – the three restaurants around a similar watering hole, complete with an appetizer spread on the bar.

Palace Deluxe restaurant features still to come – I want to tell you about the French and Brazilian spots.

Colonial Photos:

Buildings F and G make up the Barcelo Colonial.

Table at lobby bar.
Lobby Bar

Lobby furniture.

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