U.S. Cellular Field Home Plate Club Worth the Price Tag?

Beautiful ballpark considering it is 20 years old.

Never did I imagine that I would eat grilled mahi mahi and Asian meatballs at a baseball game.

Now, the price is going to hurt when I tell you, but let’s consider a few things first.

Open bar until the 8th inning, cash after – no racing to the beer stand with two outs in the 7th inning. Yes, the Long Islands were free. Only $7 after. You can’t get a beer for that price in a lot of stadiums. Beers at Yankee Stadium are $10, FYI.

Unlimited chef’s table: everything from hot dogs to sauteed green beans to the aforementioned mahi mahi and meatballs. It all was delicious.

Inside/Outside seating, the inside especially nice for those of us who don’t prefer cold nights.

Waitress service.

Less-disgusting bathrooms.

Sorry this is such a bad picture, but you get the idea.

Less crowds, in general.

Ready for the bill?

$220 per ticket.

I know, I know.

One fun thing to do was to look around and see who else was there and assume they also paid $220 per ticket.

Families of four, dads with three kids.

One little girl was asleep on her mother’s lap in the 7th inning.

That, um, seems like a bit of a waste.

Home Plate Club at U.S. Cellular

So, is it worth it? I don’t know – depends.

If you drink diet coke and bring your own food to the ballpark, then no, you’d be crazy to shell out that sort of cash.

But if it is a special occasion? If you commit yourself to consuming ten drinks? If the no beer after the 7th rule pains you? If you want waitress service? If you want to remember the night for the next couple years?

Yada yada.

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