Biking to Bars: Denver Cruisers and the Circle of Death

Say what you want about the type of music they were playing, the clothes they were wearing (pajamas), the booze they were intaking, or the seriousness of their safety – the Denver Cruiser Ride is officially the king of all biking groups.

It was like Americans had turned into Europeans: Heading to hang out at the local square, drinking and socializing and using the public space as a place built for the people, not an observatory for tourists or a cigarette spot for corporate employees.

They made a few stops on the way there, though – a bar or two, for sure. There was spider-web lightening in the area, the flashing sky bringing even more personality to the evening. The starting place and theme change, but they ride every Wednesday, rain or shine. And they always dress the part – you’ll see the costumes, bikes, and rituals in the video.

The Circle of Death is something to see – a mob of people riding around a stationary party in the center – and there was no way I could stand on the sidelines and not give it a go. I realized very quickly how it earned its name – navigating, entering, and exiting the circle requires more attention than an episode of LOST (luckily, exited the circle before people started riding the opposite way of the flow).

If anyone has seen something like this in another city (outside of a flash mob), please do let me know. Denver law allows those of age to drink in any city park, an obvious advantage over cities with stricter government control over what they can and cannot do. Honestly, I’ve never seen an organized club so nicely unorganized.

Check out the Circle of Death:

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