Cap Hill Mansion: Romance in the Air, Shower in the Bedroom

This weekend I checked into the Capitol Hill Mansion Bed and Breakfast, located a few minutes outside of downtown Denver (walk or short cab ride to downtown).

I have been extremely impressed with the way Capitol Hill maintains a suburban, neighborhood feel while still packing in restaurants, bars, and businesses. The other day I bounced around to a few coffee shops with the pen and the pad, and not once did I truly feel like I was in a major metropolitan area.

For me, it is this that sparks the romance at the Mansion. I like the idea of waking up and looking out the windows to green grass, stepping out the front door and walking the streets side-by-side on wide sidewalks, hearing the birds and seeing the flowers. Couples can sit out on the patio in the morning and have coffee and feel a sense of peace and privacy, yet once the desire to wander kicks in they are only minutes from the attractions of a major city.

The shower’s proximity to the bed does not hurt the romantic aura, either.

I’m going to do a feature on the property for, so I’ll save the rest of my thoughts and area recommendations for that piece.

For now, check out a few photos:

Lab for the week.

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