Bourbon From a Conch Shell: The Way to a Woman’s Heart?

The way to a woman’s heart: Oysters, bacon, scallions, jalapenos, melted cheese.

That’s not my own creation/formula – that’s what I was told last night – but it seems as good a theory as any (who really knows, anyway?).

Drinking bourbon out of a conch shell seems to be a good strategy – maybe pair the booze with those “aphro” oysters – that’s a nice warm up for a hot tub soak by the fire, yeah?

I’m having a bit of fun this morning, writing at my desk in the loft, watching the light change over the river as the sun rises into the sky. We had a hell of a meal last night – oysters, obviously – and I shucked my little heart out (it was much easier for me than killing all those crabs).

Granted, Owner Andy Hill and his staff (thanks Ryan) did most of the work, not only providing us with the fresh oysters, but teaching us his secret recipe and showing us the good times that happen when you gather around a table and graze, converse.

A cool thing about this island: You can have the staff come out and cook for you (like we did last night), or simply place a call and order the oysters, have them dropped off on the dock. You can see the staff every day or only at check in/check out – it’s up to you and your crew.

Today, we are going to hit the water and boat over to some of the other islands in the area. I hear there’s an awfully nice beach around here with more shells than you could ever sneak into your luggage.

Downstairs the fire is blazing and I can smell the eggs and coffee. Have a good day everyone – it’s time to descend down from my nest.

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Here’s a few:

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