Gators and Golf: Hackers Absorb Aura at King and Prince

Earlier this week we took the shuttle over to the King and Prince golf course, located about 15 minutes from the resort.

First/worst barefoot golfer in the world?

It’s one of the longer drives you can make on the island (99% of the places a visitor would want to frequent are within 5 minutes of the King and Prince Resort), yet when I arrived at the course I realized the benefits of the remoteness, the reason it was decided to not build one closer to the resort – it’s flat out beautiful landscape in every direction.

Something that really interests me about golf: I can’t think of another game that attracts so many bad players. Think about it – people who are admittedly terrible still find themselves hacking away, paying significant money for greens fees and clubs.

And I completely understand why, because I am one of those people. I will admit I am an awful player, but that has never stopped me from enjoying the ambiance. I certainly appreciate those that develop their skills and become good players, however I can never focus on my game long enough to really advance in the sport. Head down? No thank you – there’s simply too much aura to soak up: The beauty of the course and its design, the comradery of a friendly foursome, the sounds of the birds, the smell of the grass and the feel of it on your feet.

That’s right, I play barefoot sometimes (see photo). Most people laugh at me, until they lose the shoes themselves and realize that the short and soft grass of a golf course feels amazing on the bottoms of their feet.

Before we hit the driving range we commandeered the carts and set off to explore the course, taking in the different colors of green against the blue sky and reflective lakes. We located an eagle’s nest high in a tall Georgia pine, as well as a few alligators sunbathing at the edge of the water traps. Pine trees line many of the holes, but marsh land stretches as far as the eye can see on the back nine. The raw, natural surroundings and wildlife of Southeast Georgia make this an interesting course to play – even if you’re “not a golfer.”

Here are a few photos from the trek around the course:

Caravan of writers. Photo courtesy of Tom Ski.
Photo courtesy King and Prince Resort.

Photo courtesy of Tom Ski.
The loneliest palm.
First and worst barefoot golfer in the world? Photo by Tom Ski.
I love the Spanish moss.

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