Photos: Pink Sky Peeks Through at Penn's Landing

Last weekend before dinner and drinks at the Moshulu (a restaurant/boat… story coming) and New Year’s Day at the Mummers Parade, we walked along Penn’s Landing beside the Delaware River.

It was a beautiful night, tons of clouds and colors throughout the sky. Sometimes cloudy skies can result in amazing sunsets as the light is separated, and I think we witnessed a real treat that evening. The Ben Franklin Bridge was at our backs, the Walt Whitman at the south end of the city. Across the way we could see the old Navy ships and the ports of Camden, which was America’s 2nd most dangerous city in 2011.

My favorite photo is the one with the boat wake coming towards us. It reminds me of the No Wake Zone sign I had seen earlier, the one my friend pointed out and figured audibily to be my least favorite sign in the world (I often refer to this website as simply Wake amongst friends).

Based on the evidence, I’d say the captain of the boat was more focused on the sunset.

Standing applause.

Photos courtesy freelance photographer Andrea Ramsdell unless otherwise noted:

Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia
Delaware River in Philadelphia
Wake and Wander along the Delaware River (Philadelphia).
Sunset on the Delaware River in Philadelphia.
Boat wake on the Delaware River in Philadelphia.
Sunset on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Photo by Will McGough.

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