Powder Mountain Makes Plenty of Room for a Sense of Humor

In a world where it seems like everyone sugarcoats their words and thoughts in an attempt to be nonabrasive, it’s nice to see an operation with a sense of humor. Powder Mountain in Utah is currently running a reverse marketing campaign, one that, in jest, encourages the tourists and crowds to stay away.

Not that it would matter much – herds of buses could show up and there’d still be plenty of peace –  the mountain has over 7,000 skiable acres. When I was there last week, there were times when it seemed like we had rented out the place. Marketing Manager Patrick Lundin threw a crazy stat my way: Even on the busiest day at Pow Mow, there is only one skier per 2+ acres. And that’s on the busiest days, kids.

There’s another aspect that separates it from some of the better known resorts: It’s located in Ogden (where I went indoor skydiving), about thirty minutes north of Salt Lake City and an hour from Deer Valley and Park city. Ogden is an old railroad town and less known to tourists – it sports a country vibe that makes you feel much further than a half hour from the lights of downtown Salt Lake (SLC is halfway between Ogden and Park City. The drive from Ogden to Park City through the mountains is gorgeous).

Check out the billboards – some of them are pretty funny. For photos of the day at Powder Mountain, visit Wake and Wander on Facebook.

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