One of Those Weekends

My Stories in Progress folder is now up to 32 items.

Matt and I at Runyon Canyon Park in Los Angeles.

Boy Pierce was in town this weekend and we talked a lot about the creative process and how we both wish it was different, how we both wish we could forget everything else and put the pen to the paper, the needle to the vinyl, respectively.

We talked about how unfortunate it is that the thing we cherish most is nothing more than a pipedream, a career possibility completely dependent upon the opinions of others.  We talked about how the time and energy we’d like to be putting into one aspect of our lives is consumed by another.

Hence, the 32 thoughts that haven’t been fully explored.


I guess it’s not so bad for now, Matt, at least we have our work and the knowledge that others feel the same.

I have a ton of catching up to do this week, but it is sort of nice to have more content than I know what to do with.  The weekend was filled with great restaurants, relaxing bars and aesthetically pleasing scenery.

I am refreshed and focused on writing as truly as I can, not just telling you about the things I do but really bringing them to life, shooting straight from the heart rather than the head.

Hemingway offered that advice – when in doubt, write the truest thing you know.

That’s loaded advice when you apply it to writing fiction – but it doesn’t mean the stories are true, only that the feelings represented are known to be real.

Awfully nice weekend with Mr. Pierce, wish it all could be different.

Talk about the truest thing I know.

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