Santa Monica: Cafe Marmalade Brunch

Before I went to Venice Beach a few weekends ago the crew and I stopped in at the Marmalade Café on Montana Ave in Santa Monica for brunch.

Cafe Marmalade in Santa Monica. Photo courtesy Cafe Marmalade website.

I was surprisingly hungry despite the heavy beer I drank the previous night at Father’s Office – so was everyone, really – and when we walked into the café I smiled.

It truly is a unique place.  Baskets hanging from the ceiling, deli displays, small tables, heavy chairs – it all spewed character and I felt like I was sitting outside in a courtyard (although now looking at the pictures I’m not sure exactly why…probably because of the heavy chairs?)

I smiled again when they brought over the bowl of coffee.  I love restaurants that serve coffee in those large cups – I think it’s a childhood concept where it’s simply more fun to drink out of something you know is unnecessary (and it sort of reminded me of the beginning of So I Married an Axe Murderer).

Emo ordered the Mocha – and at the end of the meal he held up his cup to show us how much chocolate was still in the bottom.

He felt this was a good thing – and it smelled delicious – but the only time I need that much sugar in the morning is when I make bad coffee (this morning, for example.  Thankfully Louis saved me and made me my first espresso shot.  I feel like I’m drinking neat whiskey – carefully sipping the warm drink, unsure of the feelings to come).

The girls split the French toast and the Huevos Rancheros, and they were talking a lot and switching plates and both dishes looked excellent, although we probably commented several times about how Whitney always orders Huevos Rancheros, and she most likely told us to shut it.

Cafe Marmalade in Santa Monica. Photo courtesy Cafe Marmalade website.

Matt Pierce ordered the breakfast quesadilla – I guess he liked the one he had at Babalu so much that he woke up with a craving.  Hey Matt, why don’t you tell everyone why you didn’t have a coffee with us?

I knew that we were going to hike Runyon Canyon later (and eventually go to Venice Beach), so even though a hot breakfast was tempting after a night of drinking, I had the smoked salmon on a wheat bagel.  I added the cream cheese, onion, capers, and tomato, and the reason I love this meal is that it’s so tasty and flavorful, but also very light and refreshing.

There is a Marmalade Café in Santa Barbara, too, but I haven’t eaten there.




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