Skydiving Round Two All Set

Since the nice people at Skydive Santa Barbara see it fit to give a discount for booking your next jump within seven days of your previous, Boomer and I are penciled in for August 6th at 9 a.m.

Get yourself one of these!

Feel free to join, open house to all visitors (cough, kmatt, cough).

Other thoughts:

The site is undergoing a little makeover.

New tag line: Wake and Wander.

It’s not so bad for now.

I’m not really concerned about the name.

Possible destinations in the coming months: San Luis Obispo, Los Cabos, New Jersey (Kristin/Lord Stanley Engagement Party), San Diego, Los Angeles, Channel Islands (Boomer’s Birthday), Las Vegas, Cape Town, San Francisco, Yosemite (Chris Tully?).

I am sure that I will have to pass on some of them, but it’s an awfully nice thought.

Meghan wants to go cage-diving with great-white sharks if I am able to visit her in Cape Town.

Somehow jumping out of a plane seems more reasonable.


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