Restless as Always

There is always that awful period from when I return from the road until I carry on again.

I know, I know – I come back to Santa Barbara, but trust me, you feel it all the same.

I am going through that fun little phase now, curious as to how most people spend so much time in one place.

After I finished writing this morning, I went to Best Buy to distract myself, as well as to replace the computer I ruined.  I walked into the store and saw about twenty or thirty computers on display, all of which would be the exact same thing if they weren’t so different.  I wrote down some numbers on a piece of paper, but I’m not sure why. I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

After shopping and putting a few hours in at BoehmGroup, I read the paper and sipped on an Allagash Tripel Reserve.  Very light and sweet and easy to drink, and very potent at 9% alcohol.  A beer worth drinking, for sure. (It seems I am a fan of tripels.)

Despite all my complaining, things are by no means going to be slow in the coming months.

Tomorrow, my mom comes to town for eight days.

Then next weekend I am going to try to visit Firestone Brewery and attend Wine, Waves, and Beyond.

In late June/early July, as you know, I am hoping to be selected as part of the Best of the Road Rally (thank you to everyone who voted).

If not, I might try to go biking in Aspen, stay a weekend in San Francisco, or check out Yosemite.

Then I am booked to go to New Jersey/Philadelphia at the end of July for about ten days, and then I will skydive again (round two) in August (tentatively set for August 6th).

As much as I appreciate spontaneity, it feels good to have things to look forward to.

I’m not sure what that says about me.

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