Los Arroyos Mexican Restaurant, Montecito

At the end of my Day in the Life video I mention that I am going to eat “Mexican” with a colleague.

I said “Mexican” because I had no clue where we were going, but we decided on Los Arroyos in Montecito (Coast Village Road) for a few margaritas. There is one downtown on Milpas Street, too, but it is much more crowded during the lunch hour.

We arrived as the doors opened and were the first people seated, and so we ordered a margarita and began chatting with the server.

My colleague asked him in Spanish if he knew any senoritas who would be willing to help me with the language.  He said no (damn), but then took the time to speak to me a bit himself.  I did pretty well – although at times he spoke too fast and I had to slow him down.  One day at a time, I tell myself, it will come.

We were sitting outside in the sun and it was quite pleasant.  I like Los Arroyos’ margaritas – pretty solid.  I usually get the “house” margarita when I’m trying a new place – mostly because I think that’s the most difficult to perfect (making cheap booze taste good!).

Thus, I’ve had some awful margaritas in my day (see Nikki’s in Venice Beach).

But the first and second went down easy and we ordered some guacamole, which was excellent (highly recommend), and then I decided on the Tacos al Pastor – two soft tacos with grilled seasoned pork, pineapple, & onions on corn tortillas ($10.95).

This Hawaiian/Mexican combo made me happy as I added salsa and gauc and sipped the margarita, and all of a sudden in that moment I realized what a pleasure it was to be sitting there, with the drink and the food and the sun and the company. Coast Village Road is not tremendously crowded, but we did get to do some people watching as locals went in and out of the nearby stores.

Long, relaxing lunches are sort of my thing, and I find Mexican restaurants typically oblige given the ability to snack on chips and sip drinks as an appetizer.  Check out one of Los Arroyos’ locations and let me know what you think (the Tacos al Pastor are only $9.95 on Milpas Street, FYI).

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