Syracuse: The 'Pumking' of All Beers

I had one of the best pumpkin beers of my life last night at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse: The Imperial Pumking from Southern Tier Brewing Company (Lakewood, NY, near Lake Erie).

I used to regard Dogfish Head Punkin Ale as my favorite take on the fall classic (it’s delicious as well), but I think I’m going to have to crown a new champion.

The full story on Dinosaur’s is in the works – the experience was unbelievable (in a good way) – but man did those spices warm my nose as I brought the glass to my face. The flavors hopped off the tongue – this is no subtle beer. The pumpkin flavor is heavy and the cinnamon and nutmeg are truly present.

And if the fall spices don’t warm you up, the 8.6% alcohol will do the trick (it will also make you smile).

I found this sort of humorous, from another review I read:

Easily my favorite pumpkin ale, this is amongst my favorite beers I’ve sampled, at large. When August/September roll around, I voraciously seek it out in bottles and try to hoard them – then set out to find it on tap at my most reliable local bars. This must be what squirrels feel like in autumn.

Pumpkin beer fans in Upstate Pennsylvania and New York should hurry – time is running out on this seasonal release.




  1. Hi Will — Did you happen to make it to Empire Brewing Company ( in Armory Square while you were in Syracuse? Their pumpkin ale is my personal favorite — and the best part is that they use local pumpkins to create the delicious beverage! Thanks again for coming to Syracuse!

    • Hi Danica…I didn’t make it to Empire…but I saw the beers around town.

      Can’t do a city in one day – I guess I’ll have to come back!

      Have you tried the pumking?

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