Photos: Fall Still Hanging on in Santa Barbara

I did some urban hiking in Santa Barbara yesterday, eager to enjoy the classic fall day. It was sunny but the air was cool, making jeans and a long-sleeve shirt very comfortable to wear for a walk.

I wandered around the foothills and finally down to the beach, where a wedding had just taken place and the afternoon sun began to get closer to the water.

Here are some photos. It’s ugly and rainy here today – definitely glad I got out yesterday:

A touch of fall amongst the green.

Horse on a hill.

Goleta Beach.



  1. Agree, nice photos, Will. Our fall may not be as dramatic, but Santa Barbara holds its beauty throughout the year. My granddaughter will love that last photo!

    • It’s kind of cool. You really have to look for it and notice it. It doesn’t necessarily jump out at you.

      I like it.

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