Wake and Wander to Spend Winter on East Coast

Yep, that’s right – I’ve had a good run of it here in Santa Barbara (2.5 years), but it’s time to move on, to tackle the East.

I’m traditionally not the biggest fan of winter, yet I am curious to see my perspectives and reactions to it, having not dealt with the conditions in some time.

Maybe I’ll be able to appreciate things I was too distracted to see the first time around.

I will miss Santa Barbara, but if there's one thing traveling has taught me, it's how to move on.

There are some awesome winter activities that I’m looking forward to: Skiing, snowmobiling, indoor fires, staying warm with a drink. I think the snowy mountain scenery is beautiful, and I’m hoping to take it all in over the next couple months (with a few excursions to better weather sprinkled in along the way, for sure).

I don’t know what the summer holds for me – I’ll decide when I get there. For now I’ll be based near Philadelphia but forever on the go – trips are being planned to New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Atlantic City, Toronto, Baltimore, and the Poconos (that’s the short list).

North and South Carolina, Florida, Savannah – the south is also on my radar after the inspiring trip to Eagle Island.

I’ll be driving across the country again (leaving Santa Barbara on Dec. 11) – an added bonus (stay tuned).

I better dig out my sweaters.


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