Turkey Day: No Tequila Trade This Year

The holidays are here already – Jesus, Christmas comes around quicker the older you get, no? (Wasn’t it just July?)

I can’t say I’m excited for the rat-race/materialistic Christmas-shopping charade, but I do love the holiday celebration, spirit, lights, and togetherness, as well as the nostalgia that comes along with these yearly gatherings.

Every Thanksgiving I’m reminded of the previous years – what I was doing, what my thoughts were, where I was headed.

Three years ago I was only dreaming of the West Coast and warmer weather, two years ago I had found it in Santa Barbara, California, and last year I traded my turkey for tequila and hung out at the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Playa del Carmen.

I’m a fan of memory lane – so long as the spirits are high and the company is good (even better with food and drink).

Enjoy the last stage of the harvest season and get after that pumpkin beer. Soon enough, we’ll be moving on to Egg Nog.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Photos from last year’s adventure to Playa:

My own hammock and table on the front porch.

Hanging out at the Jazz Festival (held yearly).
Mahekal Beach Resort
Jazz Festival beach hanging during the day.

Not a bad spot for a drink...
Mayan Ruins at Tulum.
Mayan ruins at Tulum.
Just thought this was nice.


  1. Hi! Will!!! Johnny just showed me your blog! What a great writer you are! I say predators reunion when you get back!!! Have a safe trip home! Hi to your family!!!!

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