Back to the East: Monument Valley in AZ Among First Stops

Man, anyone else feel like a log this morning in bed?

Thanksgiving was a nice time, but good God – no food till Mexico for me (we leave for the Barcelo in Puerto Vallarta on Sunday). I think I’m going to take a walk today, relax.

Monument Valley

It’s the calm before the storm: Mexico for eight days, five days in Santa Barbara, then I pack everything I own into the back of my car and hit the open road.

I will head south into Arizona and spend the first two days exploring the desert, specifically Monument Valley.

The View Hotel sounds right up my alley – it seems the sights and setting will rival any I’ve seen recently.

The rest of the trip is still in the works, but Roswell, San Antonio, Austin, and Alabama are at the top of the list of potential stops.

The photos are rather stunning, and I look forward to taking a deep breath on one of those balconies.


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