Back to School: Hungover Once Again in Blacksburg

Oh man.

You know, I must say – I don’t miss this feeling at all.

Although I suppose this is what happens when you go back and visit your old stomping grounds.

It certainly doesn’t help that I’m on day eight of my road trip – California seemed so far away last night as I walked the streets of downtown Blacksburg, seeing all the old bars and restaurants I used to frequent, the places I took my woman of the time and the frat house where I used to drink awful, cheap beer (Natural Light).

Hopefully my seats are better than these.

Another reason California seems distant: I’m a writer, yet I feel like a millionaire.

I’ve always contested that I’m richer than most despite by dismal bank account, but given the fact that Virginia Tech bars offer specials such as $2 double highballs and $5 pitchers of beer, I’d say I could surely live well here.

The problem is, as I’m finding out this morning, that the drinks are packed with bad booze and too much soda.

Mill Mountain Coffee is bringing me back to life currently – good thing considering I have a full day of exploring to do and tickets to the basketball game this evening.

Not sure how much of a travel story Blacksburg is – however if you find yourself in the area and want some recommendations, write me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to carry on down memory lane.

A young Wake and Wander (my fraternity photo which still hangs in the house).

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