Mexican Sunset: A Deep Breath Calms the Storm

Yesterday at lunchtime we hung out in the Presidential Suite of the Barcelo Maya, taking in the beautiful views and relaxing in the comfortable common room, the stereo pumping music and the cameras rolling. We drank champagne in the hot tub, ate as a group at the large rectangular table, smelled the rain coming off the water and watched the clouds roll in. The skies opened up for about an hour, giving life to the lush vegetation of the resort, but soon the sun returned and we were back to blue skies, warm winds, and waving green palms.

Earlier in the morning, after I wrote, I walked the entire length of the resort, saying hello to strangers walking by, laughing at the ones who continued on past without a second glance. The world is a funny place when you stop and take it all in, but I didn’t have time for closed-in people that morning – there were too many other things competing for the attention of my eyes.

This resort is quite the beast – I’m having a hard time deciding where to begin in my coverage. Let’s start with last night’s sunset, the thirty minutes we spent out on the terrace overlooking the half-moon curve of the beach and the way the clouds seemed to hover, just seemed to sit there despite the steady wind. We had drinks in our hands and we were taking pictures, the view too good not to enjoy.

We’re here to film a promotional video, yet there is an aura in the air, one of complete relaxation and friendship – a feeling that comes only when all parties involve feel complete, when the energy is direct proof that each and every one of us loves our job and life path and believe completely in our purpose.

Sometimes we get derailed by the pressures and demands of our jobs, but ultimately when the dust settles we see the truth in it all, the fact that we all are living the life we set out to realize. It’s only been a few days, however my stay at the Barcelo Maya has revitalized my spirit, my pensive thoughts replaced by feelings of belonging and hope.

So much more to come – photos and words and videos – but as I rise this morning and start my day, the only thing on my mind is the view from that terrace and the sunset that, all at once, calmed and excited.



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