Island Traffic Enhances Day at Sonesta Great Bay

Yesterday morning after I wrote I drove across the Southern part of the island from Maho to Phillipsburg.

The drive is spectacular – passing the airport you have views of the sailboats and yachts in Simpson Bay, and when you climb Cole Hill and descend down into Phillipsburg the ocean fills your passenger windows, the island of Saba out in the distance (I’m currently researching a trip out there for a hike – apparently the top is always entrenched in clouds – hope I can fit it in).

Sonesta Great Bay

About halfway down the hill to Phillipsburg you encounter the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort, and I parked across the street, the lot attendant helping me back the rental into a small space in front of a Jeep Wrangler. I walked into the Sonesta and was immediately stung by the views pouring into the lobby windows.

I am going to do a piece on the Sonesta Great Bay and the Sonesta Maho – which I will tour this week at some point. They are both beautiful properties, however the spot you choose depends on the type of experience you wish to have. The photos below are a bit of a preview. It’s funny – the pool water and the ocean water are essentially the same color.

I got stuck in quite the traffic jam on the way back to Maho yesterday afternoon, yet I felt so good, all four windows down and the music blasting – I couldn’t get the smile off my face. With views of Cole Bay making me forget to inch forward with the car in front of me, I declared it the best traffic jam of my life.

To see the video, visit Wake and Wander on Facebook.


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