Breakfast Table Convo: Niagara Tightrope, Snow a No Show

Here are two headlines I found interesting to chat about over Sunday brunch:

A man has finally received approval from the Niagara Parks Commission to walk a tightrope over Niagra Falls this summer. He will trek across a 2-inch wire 60 to 70 feet above the 160-foot gorge, crossing the border between the two countries.

I love this quote – which pretty much sums up the difference between the United States and Canada (you can decide for yourself what it says about each):

While U.S. authorities immediately saw a potential economic and tourism boom, the Canadian panel feared such a stunt would cheapen the natural wonder of the falls and invite a return to the carnival-like atmosphere seen beginning in the 1800s, when daredevils sailed over the brink in barrels with mixed success and tightrope walkers traversed the gorge, though never the falls themselves.

The snowiest city in the United States, which I will be visiting at the beginning of March (preview to come), is not getting any snow this winter. On average, Syracuse gets 83 inches of snow by February 8th, but this year only 32 inches fell on the Central New York city.

I’ll be interested to speak with the locals when I get up there to see how they feel about it. On one hand they are saving a ton of money, but on the other they are losing business. It’s hard for me to believe it feels like home to them given the lack of weather.

Ten bucks says they get a blizzard as I’m driving up there.


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