Mirbeau Photos: Romantic Weekend on the Horizon

I’m going to do a piece this week on how the Mirbeau Inn and Spa could be a central part of a romantic weekend in Upstate New York. I want to share some things about the winery I visited (Anyela’s Vineyards) and the Jekyll-and-Hyde situation going on at the Sherwood Inn.

For now, check out these photos of Mirbeau: A few of my room, the property as it looked to me (snow-less winter), and some shots of what the place looks like during warmer months.

A long-weekend getaway to kick off the spring weather sounds like one hell of an idea. That patio would be awfully nice in the sunshine.

My bed.
My bathroom.
In-room fireplace.
My room.
View from my room.
View from my room.
Mirbeau in the spring/summer.
Gardens of Mirbeau Inn and Spa.
The colors of spring and summer.

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