Ridiculous Room at the Baltimore Hyatt Inner Harbor

It’s a shame I’m only staying here for one night.

I have an absolutely incredible suite here at the Baltimore Inner Harbor Hyatt. It is essentially a one-bedroom apartment, and I’m really liking the layout and comfort. I’m currently writing from a large glass desk, looking out two floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal the harbor area.

I love walking into hotel rooms for the first time, mostly because of days like today, when I walk in and am completely overwhelmed (in a good way) by what I encounter.

Not much time to drink it in, though – I’m out of here in an hour to check out the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House, where I will learn about how and when the first American flag was made.

Tomorrow, we’ll head out of the city for the day, but then end up at the Hilton Garden Inn.

I’m uploading the a video of the hotel room, however it won’t be ready before I have to leave for the afternoon. Look for the video later on Wake and Wander’s Facebook and Twitter (@WakeandWander) pages.

For now, here’s a preview:


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