Stay in Nation's Capital to Follow Baltimore Weekend

Yesterday afternoon I made a comment on Facebook that it felt like summer. I was sitting on the grass in my buddy’s lawn, the air mild and the sky clear, a backyard fire burning as bright as the sun. Sitting there and feeling the ground on my skin reminded me of living in Santa Barbara, when I so often enjoyed the outdoors on a regular basis. I do the best I can here on the east coast, but the winter months sure make that quest a challenge.

We were the beneficiaries of some nice weather, though (mid-60s), and earlier in the day I met my friend a few blocks up from my house and we walked the train tracks – the same route we used to trek as kids. We chatted, stopping to throw rocks into a stream, and every now and then I would walk toe to heel on the side of the track. It was as if we had time warped back to the mid-90s, the only difference our height, weight, and life circumstances.

For example: He’s moving to Denver tomorrow morning, headed west to live in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.

The thing about being young was that you pretty much knew what you were going to get – very few sixth graders pick up their mats and move across the country. When the phone rang back in grade school, it was probably an invite to go fishing or boarding. Today, phone calls concern relocation, marriage.

I think it’s great – it’s cool to see us finally here and living what once seemed so far in the distance – and obviously I am quite attracted to the idea of moving around. Seeing my friend’s anticipation yesterday, it was hard not to remember going through the same feelings in 2009 when I moved from New Jersey to Santa Barbara.

That move was absolutely life changing for me – the before-and-after versions of myself are amazingly different – and I expect nothing less to happen to my friend. For me, getting away from the north east put a lot of things in perspective. I wish you nothing but the same, Dave, and I appreciate the extra motivation to get my ass out to Denver this spring.

I probably could have done without all the vodka, though – maybe we should have went fishing after all. I’m supposed to shove off to Baltimore in less than two hours, and I still have to pack for a trip that has now been extended. After the weekend in Baltimore, I will cruise south to Washington D.C. for a few days (agenda to be decided).

It’s supposed to be in the 70s today – I couldn’t ask for better weather to drive in, and I’m guessing it will be one hell of a last day for my friend here in Southern New Jersey.

Buen viaje amigo!


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