Video: Indoor Skydiving Takes Wake to New Heights

As it turns out, I came closer to crushing my skull skydiving indoors than I did when I jumped out a plane.

I was doing my best to get myself to the top of the tunnel, arching my back and holding my arms high, yet a miscalculation almost sent me straight into the floor.

No worries – my guide helped me reset, and then he took me on the ride of my life. Growing up I had always dreamed of flying – of having complete freedom in the air – and when I watch this video, I’m pretty sure I had just that.

My guide has jumped out of a plane over 6,000 times, and he put on quite the show – you can see the people watching (myself included) all stand up and walk over to the window the second he starts his Superman routine. He literally goes from the floor to the cieling, then does a backflip and lands perfectly on the other side of the door, out of the wind.

Cheers to iFlyUtah for an incredible experience. Maybe one day I’ll be as good as the girl in the first part of the clip – she is only ten years old.


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