Coolest Trip: Cape May, Coast to Jump Start Summer

As you read this two things are true: I’m on my way to Cape May, and it’s officially the first day of summer.

East Coast Parasailing in Cape May.

Man, is it ever – it’s supposed to be 95 degrees today along the coast of New Jersey.

Quick lecture: You cannot allow weather to rain on your parade. You don’t have the worst luck in the world, it doesn’t always happen to you. Sometimes it rains, other times it’s a hundred degrees. These. Things. Happen. My advice would be to go with it, let it push you where it will. I suppose that applies to all things in travel – go with it, let it push you where it will.

Alternate solution: Drink wine.

I’ll be parasailing in the afternoon and hitting the beach later once the sun settles down, but Cape May Winery will shade me from the hottest part of the day – fingers crossed for good white wine and a breeze of sorts.

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It appears that even though Cape May is on the east coast, it’s position on a peninsula provides a great vantage point for catching the sunset.

The Cove at sunset in Cape May.

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