This Floating Swedish Hotel Has a Sailing Sauna

Salt & Sill being moved to its current location on Tjorn.

Sweden’s Salt & Sill sits — or should we say floats — on the western coast of the country and is more of an inn than a hotel, sporting only 23 rooms with 46 beds.

It was built upon pontoons and sailed to its current location in 2008 (shown above), where it is tied (very tightly!) to the dock in a calm inlet on the rocky island of Tjorn, about an hour’s drive from Gothenburg. It was the first floating hotel built in Sweden, and while other locations within the country have begun to experiment with prototypes of the concept, it is the only one of its kind that is fully functional.

The islands off the coast of Sweden are relatively unknown to North American travelers, which is exactly what makes them such a great place to visit. You won’t find any high-rise hotels, and the rocky coastline squashes any worry of overdevelopment. Visiting them feels like you’ve stumbled upon an old fishing village where time refuses to catch up.

Salt & Sill embodies the area with its simplicity and emphasis on the sea, both in terms of its personality and cuisine. In the restaurant, you’ll find the Swedish staples – herring and smoked salmon, for example – and your days are filled with kayaking, boating, and walks by the sea. Summer is by no means long in Sweden, but the coastline is as beautiful as any when the sun does decide to come out.

The floating sauna at Salt & Sill.

So, about that floating saunaa two-floor boat that is decked out with not only a sweat room, but also a bedroom, full bath, living room, and a top deck for sunbathing and sightseeing. Upon request, you can enjoy some or all of these amenities as the boat cruises along the coastline. A mini-spa cruise, if you will.

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