Boarding for Belgium and Other Ways to Have No Life

Tomorrow, I’m heading back to Europe to Belgium, where I’ll be on assignment covering the opening of the Red Star Line Museum. It’s basically a reverse Ellis Island story — lots of people left from Antwerp when they immigrated to the States. Plus, I plan to sample as many Belgium tripels as I can. This trip will round out the month of September for me, officially turning the page on what’s left, if anything, of summer. Man, that went fast.

I’m still finalizing my schedule for October, but it looks to be pretty busy as well with trips to Wisconsin, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Portugal. There’s also the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

A canal in Bruges, Belgium.
A canal in Bruges, Belgium.

One of my editors made a pretty funny observation yesterday, noting that “you have to have no life” to survive in the travel biz due to the fact that the scheduling is always so last minute and so spontaneous. I’ve been laughing for over a day, because it is very true and very ironic and I can tell you this first hand. I’ll show you one day in a book, but for now I have to gather all the details.

Stay tuned for on-the-go coverage from Belgium after the weekend. Remember you can follow along on Wake and Wander’s Facebook and Twitter.


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