Wake and Wander Hawaii is Born

Here is the latest news to come out of camp Wake and Wander:

Travel Writer, Cultural Ambassador Link Up for New Publication That Promotes Experiential Travel and Cultivates Hawaiian Culture

Kainoa Horcajo courtesy photo
Kainoa Horcajo

A new travel publication, Wake and Wander Hawaiʻi, has officially launched on Oʻahu. It is led by publisher and editor Will McGough and features a monthly column by Kainoa Horcajo, a Hawaiian cultural ambassador.

The first issue of the grab-and-go newspaper has been distributed to key points around the island, including newspaper racks and grocery stores in downtown Honolulu and Kailua. It is written in Hawaiʻi and printed locally by the Hawaiʻi Hochi, with a starting circulation of 5,000.

A free monthly publication, Wake and Wander Hawaiʻi aims to deliver personal, experiential travel stories to both locals and visitors to Hawaiʻi. It combines magazine-style storytelling with the casual accessibility of a small newspaper. The publication covers the Hawaiian Islands in the form of travel, culture, food, drink, and people, as well as continental U.S. and international destinations, many within a nonstop flight from Honolulu.

In the face of digital media, decreasing attention span, and list-driven online content, McGough hopes to recapture the imagination and spirit of storytelling. He aims to tell deeper, more meaningful stories.

“Modern day journalism wants you to see travel as a collection of superlatives. The best beaches, the top five hotels, the one meal you have to try before leaving Honolulu,” McGough writes in the first issue’s Letter from the Editor, released last Friday. “I want to help people view experiences as experiences, not as good or bad or best or worst but as individual grapes that together, the good alongside the bad, add up to a beautiful bunch.

Read the rest of this release on the Adventure Travel Trade Association.



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