Fiji and Jordan Kick Off Summer Travel

Between moving to Hawaii, launching and running Wake and Wander Hawaii, and still travel writing as a full-time freelancer, this site has found itself on the back burner. But rest assured I am still getting after it. It’s on my list to get some clips up from my recent trips to Uganda, the Yukon, Mexico, inter-island Hawaii, and others, which were published in a variety of publications.

In May, I’ll be headed to Fiji and then Jordan on back-to-back adventures. After that, I will publish the June issue of Wake Hawaii, and then head to Paris in late-June, followed by a trip to Southeast Asia in July.

The ruins at Petra in Jordan.

It will be my first time to Fiji and that area of the Pacific, as well as my first time in the Middle East. I look forward to sharing the stories upon my return.


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