Swim, Bike, Bonk Published Today

It’s with pleasure that I announce the publication of my first book, Swim, Bike, Bonk: Confessions of a Reluctant Triathlete, here on November 1, 2019.

Sorry to be so robotic about it but, you know, as with anything like this you work so hard and it all seems so surreal. You’ve had your head down and your pen to the pad and looking back it’s almost like another person did it.

Swim Bike BonkI am incredibly proud of the finished book, and about 90% happy with the way the writing turned out – which is a miracle, because I almost always hate things I wrote prior to the present day. I say it feels like another person did it because, in a way, it’s true. The first drafts of the book were completed in early 2018, and as a writer who is constantly evolving, that might as well have been a lifetime ago.

I’m excited for what’s next. I think I can do even better on future books, now having been through the process and having learned some things about my writing, specifically what things I need more control over in order to make my voice truly me. It’s one thing to sit with yourself for a thousand-word article; it’s another to analyze what you did over the course of a 300-page book. I have learned at least one very important thing and perhaps several others that will help me going forward.

A special thanks to those of you who have followed along this journey since my career began back in 2010. It’s been a great ride and we’re not done yet. If you’d like to buy the book, you can check it out here.



  1. Congratulations! Just ordered a copy, and can’t wait to read it. You’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of miles since leaving SB. Amazing adventures all over everywhere. Proud of you, man! Keep cruisin’ the world, and I’ll keep reading.

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