Reviews of Swim, Bike, Bonk Are Rolling In – And They’re Good


Swim Bike Bonk

I’m on a series of back-to-back-to-back adventures in South America – Brazil, Peru, Ecuador – and there will be many stories to come. But for now, I wanted to pass along some reviews of my new book, Swim Bike Bonk, that have published recently.

While I think any writer will say that what others think of their work is secondary, it does feel good to see others enjoying. Below are some links to reviews and interviews I’ve done, just in case, you know, you’re on the fence about buying the book. 🙂

Triathlete Magazine: Swim Bike Bonk made the 2019 Holiday stocking stuffer list in Triathlete Magazine’s Nov/Dec issue.

IMG_1026 (1)

Foreward Magazine Book Review (5/5): “The story of this impossible adventure is captivating… While he is sometimes reluctant, more often his voice brims with gung-ho, foolhardy, youthful bravado, plus generous doses of self-deprecation. McGough’s humor shines throughout, but most in his unselfconscious presentation of the physical toll that the race takes, including the difficulty of pee breaks when certain extremities have gone numb and the dreaded chafing of, well, everything.”

A Triathlete’s Diary: “The book is absolutely hysterical… This is a great book for a newbie triathlete and an experienced Ironman would love it as well because it’s raw, truthful, insightful and humorous all in one package.”

Outspoken Cyclist (Podcast appearance): [Swim Bike Bonk digs] into the psyche of those who are beyond passionate to the point of obsession with pursuit of the achievement that is the mother of all endurance events.”

Smart Athlete Podcast: I joined the show to discuss the new book, hosted by triathlete Jesse Funk.

Practical Travel Gear: “Swim, Bike, Bonk: Confessions of a Reluctant Triathlete is not only an entertaining account more than worthy to accompany you on your next trip, it’s a great read for dedicated and first-time triathletes, or even competitive athletes in general. While I’ve never attempted a triathlon (and never intend to), I have raced competitively in a variety of sports and found myself groaning and cheering along with McGough.”


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