Hob Nob: Grey Goose Squares Off Against Absolut

All right, so, my Grey Goose vs. Absolut story I mentioned earlier:

Two weeks ago I met a friend for a drink at Hob Nob on West Victoria Street, and I ordered a vodka with green olives.

The bartender asked me, “What kind of vodka?”

I told him I’d prefer Grey Goose, but would go with Absolut due to ridiculous mark-ups.

He said he likes Absolut.

I agreed with him and said, “Yeah, it’s all right.”

He said it’s as good as Grey Goose.

“Okay,” I said, turning towards my friend.

Then he set the two glasses on the back bar and turned his back to me and poured samples into the two glasses and told me to taste them.

You may have won this round, Absolut, but the Goose still stands tall.

“Tell me which you like better,” he requested.

God dammit if I didn’t pick the cup with Absolut (supposedly).

Despite that, I would never, all things equal, choose Absolut over Grey Goose. A quick taste at a bar may have fooled me, sure.

But I drank Absolut all night (to this bartender’s delight) and the next morning I had a bit of a headache.

And I know that’s something Grey Goose would never do to me.

Dat’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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