Hob Nob Responds to My Story

I sent Hob Nob in Santa Barbara my story about the bartender who challenged me on my love of Grey Goose.

They got back to me:

Thank you for sharing. I always find it interesting the debate on vodkas myself. Watched a program a few years back on dateline where they took a group of different ages that were pretty set on their “brand” they preferred and taste compared all the brands. Hands down smirnoff won over even the most devoted fans of Grey Goose? I’m with you, the taste may be the same, but the headache is not. Thanks again for visiting HobNob and we will look forward to your visit next time for some Grey Goose .. Kind Regards, HobNob Management.

My top three mainstream vodkas right now (subject to change after happy hour):

1. Grey Goose

2. Skyy

3. Kettle One

I say “mainstream” because there are so many out there that I have never tried, mostly due to availability and cost.

I wouldn’t exactly order U’luvka on a Friday night, that’s all I’m saying.


  1. A bartender SHOULD offer his advise as to what he THINKS you should have….like the guy at Home Depot when you are trying to decide which brand of window to buy. But, when I say I want Andersen, that’s what I want. Don’t do a trick for me to get a bigger commission or sell me something with bigger margins. I heard your pitch…..now, give me what I asked for!! Salesmen should INFORM when necessary….then perform the function they were hired to do. If I wanted to argue, I would not be here…..I would be home with the wife!!

  2. I think the bartender was trying to do me a favor – to introduce me to something that would provide me the same service for less cash.

    Never did he force it upon me – hell, I think the shots were free.

    That said, I hear you. I’ve dealt with those types of bartenders who go beyond making recommendations.

    It’s really annoying and I hope whichever one ticked you off is out of the business.

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