The Goose is Still Loose

So I sat down to write another chapter of my (now brewing) mini-series when my friend Kat engaged me.

“What’s up?”

The Goose.

I told her I was writing and had just made a drink.

She asked me what I was drinking and I told her vodka.

“What kind?”

“Smirnoff.  $16 at the store today.”

Then I asked her about vodka, because she’s Russian.

She said she’d have to think about it, said there wasn’t much in that price range, and then I remembered my dilemma at Hob Nob and my subsequent ranking of my favorite (mainstream) vodkas.

I have an update:

1)    Grey Goose
2)    Skyy
3)    Smirnoff

Sorry, Kettle One.

If I’m willing to spend the money to buy you, I might as well just go Goose.

Smirnoff, at $16, takes over the number three spot.

For now.


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