Coolest Small Town Road Trip: Welcome to the Show

We’re almost done with the pregame show as the real deal kicks off tomorrow in Cape May, but first a welcome note to those who have come to my blog as a result of this Coolest Small Town Road Trip, either residents of the towns or readers of Budget Travel.

We don’t know each other very well yet, but visiting my About Me section is a good place to start. You can also browse some of my other adventures in the travel stories section. For photos and videos, I invite you to check out Wake and Wander’s Facebook page. I also write a little bit of fiction, if you feel so inclined.

One day I’ll tell you about how I went from being a gardener to a travel writer, but let’s just take it slow, see how it goes. Seriously, I had a $5 “rat bonus.”

Hammondsport was extremely welcoming and showed great passion when I went to pick up the Coolest Car, and I can’t thank them enough. For some backstory on who I am and what this Coolest Small Town Road Trip is all about, you can find a news segment here. You can also see another one here, as well as listen to a radio interview with WVIN (links to other radio appearances and media coverage on the Facebook page).

Here’s one of my favorite travel videos to further introduce myself. Don’t be a stranger – I hope to see you out there:


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