Coolest Small Town Road Trip: Welcome to the Show

We’re almost done with the pregame show as the real deal kicks off tomorrow in Cape May, but first a welcome note to those who have come to my blog as a result of this Coolest Small Town Road Trip, residents of the towns and readers of Budget Travel.

Yours truly tossing back a shark caught in our shrimping net (St. Simons, Georgia).

We don’t know each other very well yet, but visiting my About Me section is a good place to start. You can also browse some of my other adventures in the travel stories section. For photos and videos, I invite you to check out Wake and Wander’s Facebook page. I also write a little bit of fiction, if you feel so inclined.

One day I’ll tell you about how I went from being a gardener to a travel writer, but let’s just take it slow, see how it goes. Seriously, I had a $5 “rat bonus.”

Hammondsport was extremely welcoming and showed great passion when I went to pick up the Coolest Car, and I can’t thank them enough. For some backstory on who I am and what this Coolest Small Town Road Trip is all about, you can find a news segment here. You can also see another one here, as well as listen to a radio interview with WVIN (links to other radio appearances and media coverage on the Facebook page).

Here’s one of my favorite travel videos to further introduce myself – one in which I was rather rattled. Don’t be a stranger – I hope to see you out there:


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